B2B Social Selling

How to encourage meaningful sales conversations through social media channels

Selling on Social Media Platforms

Professional selling skills in the modern business world are not so different than years past. You still need to network, listen and hustle. You need to be proactive, trusted, and considered a thought leader. You still need connections, a good reputation, positive word of mouth recommendations and ultimately you still need to sell yourself before you sell your company’s products or services. 

The only difference is that the digital world has simply shifted these conversations and considerations online.

Get Famous

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Posting links to content on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn will help widen your reach as well as improve your SEO by garnering social shares and backlinks. LinkedIn Pulse is an great channel for establishing your credibility. Where else can you post your perspective on the industry in article format, and be listed alongside world-famous thinkers like Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington? 

Publish Content, Not Product Brochures

What’s more, tapping into forums, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups for specific industries, sectors and types of roles means that you can join conversations with carefully selected, targeted audiences of potential clients. And once you’re there, you can offer them some useful and targeted content, rather than constantly crowbarring your products into group conversations.

It’s the soft sell approach and in the long run, it outperforms any number of loud and aggressive salespeople.


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