B2B Content Strategy


Research & Insights

Budgets and resources play their part in the scale of your execution of your content marketing but you need to carefully plan every campaign using the same methodology; focus on your target persona and their pain points. Research leads to insights which inspire great storytelling through every medium and channel. 

 Communication Channels

Squaredot B2B Content Strategy

Before you launch your inbound campaign, look closer to home too. Are you conveying the right first impression on your website? You might draw the crowds, but can you back that up with a website that demonstrates confidence and trust? Have you got your communication hierarchy and user experience well presented, ordered and concise?

Content Creation Strategy

Once you’ve got your house in order and you know what content themes and types will resonate with your target persona, you’re good to move into a purposeful content creation phase.

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The B2B Content Creation Masterclass

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