How Content Marketing Impacts on B2B SEO results

Respect Your Audience

We have a few keywords we’re trying to target in mind when we wrote the copy on this website. If they stand out, then we’ve failed. We want to rank on search engines without compromising on the intelligence and busy lives of our audience. Nothing obstructs and clogs up web pages more than keyword stuffing. A stilted and repetitious tone kills engagement. 

Squaredot Content Marketing and SEO

Think of Google is a Person, Not a Bot.

Write for your audience. For real people. Not search engine bots. Thankfully Google is sophisticated enough to not only encourage this, but furthermore, they will now proactively punish websites that persist with old school boring keyword stuffing.

If you take nothing else from this brief, salient point, then the read was worth your while. If you want to brush up on your B2B SEO knowledge then a very good starting point is our SEO Myths eBook below. It never hurts to know the truth!


17 SEO myths to leave behind in 2016

SEO can be confusing for the unitiated. Even the experts get their wires crossed occassionally. As a result, all sorts of SEO myths have popped up over the years. Download our myth busting eBook where we debunk the fiction to leave you just with the facts.