B2B Content Marketing

How to get famous (and get leads) with your branded content

B2B content marketing comes in many forms, from blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, videos, animations, slideshares and infographics being the most popular and practical.

Publishing your content  across social media channels may spike short term results, but the real purpose and long term benefits of a structured content marketing plan is to raise awareness and trust and elevate your company profile across platforms.

Squaredot B2B Content Marketing

Other Long Term Results

Content marketing also helps develop your voice and demonstrate who you are as a business. It’s a chance to show potential customers how you think and interact, and what it would be like to work with you.

All of which results in a steady and quantifiable flow of sales qualified leads month on month.

Focus On Your Tone

Are you a down-to-earth, no-nonsense and authoritative outfit, preferring to get straight to the point with practical, helpful solutions? Great; focus on making your tone assured, concise and jargon free, and on giving easy-to-follow guidance, tutorials or advice.

Be Authentic & Authoritative

Are you a bold, forward-looking and innovative crew that encourages clients to do things differently and creatively to stand out? Brilliant; produce content that’s imaginative and striking, with language and design that’s rousing and inspiring, 

Speak to your target audience in their language, giving them solid, useful, actionable tools to tackle pain points and solve real business problems. The key is make sure that, as a brand, you’re authentic and authoritative.

We could be here all day talking about the various skills you need to hone, but rather than repeat ourselves, just download our Masterclass below and read it at your own leisure.


The B2B Content Creation Masterclass

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